'ghost of lovers past'

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'peter cook'

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'Gone from here'

released 13/05/22 

Steeped in 1990s shoe gazing nostagla. Its B-side 'Lost for words'is an acoustic lament, in a similar vein. 

Our 2021 Christmas  themed single.

The song of the Bluebird is cheery and literally chirpy. Our track addresses the flip side of cheery and focusses upon the 'Blue',  miserable aspects of being left in cold isolation at Christmas like chirpless Bluebird up a mountain. 

On 29th October we are pleased to release our Hallowe'en EP 'Horror Story'. Nearer the time we shall provide further information along with more about Ranald Stanhope Jones, the inspiration behind two of the songs from the EP.

We will be releaseing a new single ' Panina' to coincide with the release of John le Carre's posthumous literary release 'Silverview', on 14/10/21. 'Panina' is about Kim Philby, one of the notorious Cambridge Spies. ' Panina' was the codename he used when he corresponded with his family. Philby was a true villain in le Carre's eyes, who would have been fully aware of the 1000s of deaths he caused. Yet Philby appeared to believe he could betray his country, family and friends and continue relations with the latter two factions. He was very surprised when some of his friends did not keep in touch after he fled  to Russia. 

We have been busy on TIKTOK as well as recording. The first of many singles to be released is

'Roger Moore' a homage to Moore's favourite movie he starred in 'THE MAN WHO HAUNTED HIMSELF'. We hope it does not disappoint! Released on 3/9/2021 

Speckled Band are Graham Grant and Rupert Pink. Both are songwriters: Rupert is in charge of instrumentation and production while Graham, who writes the lyrics, is the vocalist.  The duo were originally known first as The Simpletones and then as Captain Oates, releasing an album called The Dangers of Eskimo Loving. Now they’re reborn under the new moniker Speckled Band: a nod to Sherlock Holmes, the inspiration for the track Three Piper. Casebook is their exciting new debut album created during lockdown. As Graham is in Scotland and Rupert lives south of the Border, it was made with neither being in the same room.  But the album reflects their joint penchant for nostalgic telly, espionage, Scott Walker, the ghost stories of MR James - and sundry other influences throughout. It’s released for Halloween as some of the tracks also pay homage to horror classics. Montague is a tribute to ghost story writer MR James, while the spine-tingling Goat of Mendes celebrates The Devil Rides Out.

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